Day 5: Featured Artist: Guiseppe Arcimboldo

Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1526 or 1527 – 1593)

Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of objects traditionally found in still life paintings (eg. fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books). He painted these objects arranged in such a way that the whole collection of objects formed a recognizable likeness of the portrait subject. He often used objects that represented the subject he was painting, such as a librarian composed entirely of books.

Here are some examples of his work:


How is your project similar to Guiseppe Arcimboldo’s paintings? How is it different?

Today we will:

  • Finish our silhouette self portraits
  • upload both the Photoshop (.psd) and PNG files of our final projects to our Foundations 1 Google Drive Folders
  • create a new blog post with the following
    • a PNG of our finished project
    • a 150 word artist statement about our project. Not sure what to write? Start by answering the following questions:
      • Describe your artwork
        • What does your artwork look like?
        • What is the subject matter?
        • What art elements or principles are most obvious in your work?
      • How did you create your art?
        • What media is your artwork made from?
        • Describe the process or steps you took to create your artwork.
      • What is the big idea behind your artwork?
        • Who or what inspired your artwork?
        • What is your artwork about?
        • How do you want people to feel when they view your artwork?
      • Overall thoughts
        • What did you learn from creating this artwork?
        • Is the final piece what you imagined? How so?
        • What did you do well? What could you have done better?
      • Here are some great examples of final blog posts by previous 9th grade students:



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